Great interview by Ababu Namwamba. We will never find freedom and democracies as long as we blindly defend leaders we should demand answers from. Turning Raila, Uhuru, Ruto and other political leaders into gods is what is stagnating the country.

Ababu is very categorical and open about how Raila diminishes the careers of leaders he feels are too ambitious. Raila doesn’t believe in mentoring new leaders. For Raila, it’s either him or no one. If you are a Luo or Luhya and you have a serious ambition to get your people out of poverty or provide political or business leadership, you will not be a friend of Raila Odinga. Many know this but they really fear Raila.

If you come from Kisumu or Siaya county, you have the extra challenge because Raila has sworn even to use serious violence on leaders who will emerge from these counties and offer revolutionary leadership.

Raila is two-faced. Some of us saw these things late but we realised them and moved on. Raila is not a god but he would love to be worshipped. But he will never bring any meaningful development to his followers. Raila’s core business is based on him creating objects of hate then rallying his people behind it. It was one time Moi, then Kibaki and today it is Kenyatta.

Uhuru Kenyatta has failed as a leader in many regards but the solution can’t be to make him a personal object of hate. Ruto has his many weaknesses but Raila’s supporters will never be liberated because of the personal hate they are made to have on him. If you have some deep anger against Uhuru or Ruto, Raila is seriously working on your brain and so you need to check in to Mathare mental hospital.

If we think that Kikuyus have dominated the Kenyan political and business leadership then we should also seriously examine the domination of Luos of the opposition politics and civil activism. If people should hand over leadership then Luos should hand over opposition politics to others. The Odinga family have made Luos their tools of trade. They knead the community into what they like and throw them at enemies without much regard to what happens to the people.

Listen to me. I say these things with utmost respect for Raila. But we are going nowhere with him. Raila managed to bring the changes he could (second liberation and new constitution). Raila is the father of devolution. But the current world capitalism politics is too complex for Raila to understand. In a third world country where individualism reign supreme and institutions are never respected and managed well, Raila should have put up a media, political and follower machinery which would make him liberate Kenya once and for all. Raila is still begging media for space while he hasn’t even ensured that he has any institution to run the political machinery. When anyone tells you that the institution is Raila, you need to know that Raila is the problem.

Let’s wake up


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