Ghanaian elections has just redefined African democracy. The incumbent has lost an election to Nana Akufo-Addo the opposition leader who was inaugurated as Ghana’s 12th President, in an event graced by ODM Party leader Raila Amollo Odinga and his deputy Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. Kenyan social media was splashed with photos of the two embarking on a plane to Ghana.  It will be remembered that Joho, before he left the country with Raila, engaged President Uhuru in a public spat which has seen his security detail withdrawn.

Rumours milling social media over the weekend was that Kenya’s presidential candidate and his counterpart had been detained at the Kotoka International Airport.   Information about their arrest was shrouded in mystery with lots of secrecy especially from the Airport police who were very mean with their words. One of the airport commanders was quoted saying ‘This is a normal airport operation protocol and the media should stop reading too much from it.’ This raised more questions than answers.

Our reliable confidential source in the airport, whose identity we will not reveal for security reason, whispered to us that narcotics had been discovered in a bag believed to belong to Hassan Joho.   What surprised many is the fact that the particular bag had been cleared both in JKIA and Kotoka International Airports. It was at the point where Joho was about to depart the airport that intelligence officers impounded his entourage demanding to verify the contents in the huge bags they had offloaded at the airport.  The CCTV footage we collected shows a distressed Joho trying to make frantic calls before he was ushered into a black protocol Mercedes Benz. We could not authoritatively authenticate whom Joho was talking to over the phone, but our instincts are that he was speaking to Raila Odinga who by then had disappeared from the vicinity.

Many have compared Hassan Joho to Alpacino Scarface of the ‘The untouchable’ and Pablo Escobar of the famed Narcos Movie for their zeal and clinical operations when dealing with authorities. The ambitious 43-year-old Mombasa governor has seen it all managing to climb out of tough situations. From a small business, he has expanded into the ranks of multi-billionaires brushing shoulders with who is who in the political scenes. He entered the clearing and forwarding business and solid waste management, through the Prima Bins and Pest Control Company Limited. A company that has been accused by Israel Intelligence team for being the conduit of Drug Trafficking in East Africa. It is said that the company together with Amiran Kenya, an Israel company, traffic Narcotics from Columbia through the Port of Mombasa where Joho is a Governor.

Our investigations reveal that Abu and Hassan Joho have been in partnership with Artur Margaryan and Artur Sargsyan. While in Kenya the Artur brother possessed airport passes that had been issued to them by Chelamed Ltd Company, of which Abu Joho is general manager. The two Armenians were also in partnership with Baktash Akasha, a member of the powerful Akasha family, suspected of smuggling drugs in East Africa  We can recall that some time back, Margaryan had stated that a female Akasha clan member was married to one of his managers insinuating a close relationship between Akasha’s and Artur brothers.  Ibrahim Abdallah Akasha, is a former drug smuggler who managed to avoid a custodial sentence thanks to influential friends in government. He was however killed in May 2000 in Amsterdam’s Bloedstrat (Blood Street), ambushed on his way to a meeting with an unknown dealer to discuss the non-payment of a consignment of heroin he had delivered to Holland in 1999. His death shows the emergence of the Joho’s who took over the drug trafficking business.

Hassan Joho’s brief detention in Accra is not news to many in Kenya . What is news however is how the Ghanaian police will handle the case, considering that Raila Odinga is a long time friend of the newly inaugurated Ghanaian President. Raila and Joho had attended the inauguration ceremony on the request of Nano Addo. Will the Ghanaian police pursue the matter into conclusion or they will chicken out just like their Kenyan counterparts. We will be watching closely whether Joho is the ‘Untouchable’ as documented in the movie Scarface!


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