A critical analysis of Raila Amolo Odinga’s political life reveals a man full of contradictions. Raila purports to be the “High Priest” and champion of the principles of democracy, rule of law, anti-ethnicity, and anti-corruption. However, a careful scrutiny of his actions and personality clearly demonstrate that he has no regards or respect for these principles. As a matter of fact, Raila does not believe in what he says. He is a man of double speak. Raila preaches water but drinks wine.

Raila’s character and personality is absolutely well captured by Miguna Miguna, who was Raila’s aide, political strategists, speech writer, and legal advisor. In his book “Peeling Back the Mask,” Miguna describes Raila as “the quintessential opportunist.” He further asserts that Raila is “duplicitous, greedy, nepotistic, cruel, and “morally bankrupt.” Raila is a populist, unpredictable and unreliable leader, who lacks in sound judgment and principles.

Unfortunately, there has been little or no debate that critically looks and reveals who true Raila is. The Kenya main stream media worships Raila, for he is their selling personality. Headlines without Raila Odinga are no sale. Raila must be put in defense by questioning his stand on the things he professes to champion. He must be unmasked. The true story of Raila Odinga, as captured below, must be told.

Raila the Undemocratic: A thorough analysis of Raila’s actions reveals that he is a dangerous dictator. He does not believe nor respect democratic principles. He has no time for democratic norms and structures.  It is clear now than ever that Raila is a person who is contemptuous of democratic institutions. When it comes to democratic competition, it is either his way or the highway. The following examples support the above arguments:

  • No political party associated with Raila has ever held peaceful elections. A few cases in mind are the 2014 ODM elections that were violently disrupted by the so called “Men in Black.” The violent campaigns that were witnessed in Homa Bay county senatorial by-election. Raila cannot manage democratically and peacefully his own political party election. During his days in FORD-K, he is remembered for the violent elections in Kasarani Stadium against the late Kijana Wamalwa. This begs the question; Can he handle those of an entire nation?
  • Raila political history is that of forming, joining parties, and forging alliances; then abandoning or breaking them when he does not achieve his selfish interest. From FORD, FORD-K, NDP, KANU, LDP, NARC, ODM and now CORD.
  • Raila presidential election philosophy is clearly fashioned that election is only free and fair when he or his party wins. That is the Raila Odinga doctrine of free and fair elections. Never mind that he never contests or questions the parliamentary or other lower level elections. His philosophy of election being rigged only applies to the presidential vote.
  • Raila has never conceded defeat even when it is so clear that he is the losing candidate. He did not in 1997, 2007 neither did he in 2013. He will not accept defeat in 2017. In 2017, just like he did in 2007, he is likely to engineer violence in hope that he will force a coalition government through the back door.
  • After the bungled ODM elections in February last year, the expectation would be an unequivocal statement from Raila to clear the air on what actually transpired. However, Raila has never attempted to offer an explanation albeit being the ODM party leader.

Raila the Unbeliever in the Rule of Law: Raila Does not believe in the rule of law. He is full of contempt for any court rulings that do not favor him. He is on record as calling the courts “Kangaroo Courts” when they gave a ruling that he did not like. Yet, he highly praised the same court after the ruling on security bill, because he got the ruling he wanted. It is crystal clear that:

  • For Raila, the rule of law applies only when the law sides with him.
  • Raila believes in violence and not institutions. In 2007 he engineered the worst post election violence in the history of Kenya. In 1982 he helped plan a coup. In both cases, he is not apologetic for his unlawful actions despite the thousands of lives that were lost.
  • In 2013, Raila confessed to speak the language of MRC. Now he speaks the language of Al Shaabab (withdraw the Kenya Military from Somalia), this is despite the Wiki Leaks showing that he and other  CORD principals were the biggest supporters of our  troops going into Somalia when they were in government in which they held key positions.

Raila the Corrupt: Raila has no moral authority to fight corruption. He only pays lip service to war against corruption. Deep inside him is a corrupt individual.

  • While he has continued to demand that the president shows commitment to fight against corruption, when the president acted and asked those mentioned in the EACC report to step aside to allow for thorough investigation; Raila predictably asked corrupt governors from his party not to step aside.
  • The issues of how Raila acquired the Molasses Sugar factory remain mysterious. Raila should personally be told to direct the management of Molasses Sugar Factory to tell ordinary Kenyans who bought shares in the company, to ascertain their ownership.  This must be clarified once and for all.
  • Raila corrupt practices during his tenure as a Prime Minister must be investigated afresh. This includes the maize scandal and the Kazi kwa Vijana

Raila the father of tribalism and nepotism: Raila has perfected the art of tribalism and nepotism in his political life.

  • Raila has favored his close relatives for elective position in Luo Nyanza and in top Government positions when he was the Prime Minister. He perfected the art of “Odinganization”. For Example, in 2013, Raila imposed his siblings Oburu Oginga and Ruth Odinga and cousin Jakoyo Midiwo on the electorate, yet they had been resoundingly voted out in their various counties.

Raila the anti-development: Raila has no single development project to his name throughout his public life and service.

  • Since 1992-2013, Raila was the MP representing Kibera the biggest slum in Kenya. He did nothing to improve their lives. He did not build even one toilet. He is now ashamed with the development projects that current government is doing in Kibera, which has significantly improved the lives of Kibera slum inhabitants.

If these stories are told, they will expose Raila as a person not worth being a leader. Raila is not a presidential material. He falls short in vision, quality and character. Raila must be put to his defense by questioning his democratic, respect for rule of law, anti-corruption, tribalism, nepotism, and development ideals and principles.


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