The past few months have cast a dark shadow over the ability of the country’s largest political party by representation, to tolerate divergent views especially critics within the party. ODM has slowly manifested itself into a political party of goons, by goons and for the goons. From its leadership, elected representatives all the way to grass root intransigents, they have demonstrated their unwillingness to accommodate ‘alternative thinking’. Day in day out its becoming crystal clear that the ‘D’ in ODM is momentarily gaining a new meaning ‘despotic’

It is no longer news to associate CORD, specifically ODM, with violence. The country has in a way gotten accustomed to their intolerable nature, appetite for violence and their now more common and popular  method of fighting dissidents using a ‘well’ coordinated youth wing popularly known as ‘Men in Black’. In a flip of their master’s finger this group can turn any political event to a clinical mess. It is these uncouth behaviors that are slowly gaining traction with other constituents parties within CORD. This is a cause for us Kenyans to worry about.

It therefore comes with no surprise that Wetangula was ambushed in the same manner the ODM parliamentarians had unsuccessfully tried to disrupt the President’s State of the Nation Address. A clear analysis of the two events would tell of a well coordinated script. The eight parliamentarians who blew whistles in Parliament, had laid low waiting for the president to take to the lectern, same way they waited for Wetangula to raise up and address his supporters, before launching their outrageous whistle blowing in Parliamentary. They acted in a rabid manner to endear themselves to the ‘master’, main architecture of their poorly choreographed antics. It is election time, and the 8 quintessential cowards were merely seeking favours! They know they have lost touch with the common mwananchi and the only way to salvage their sinking ship is to assuage the ‘king’ who then would keep a blind eye as they  unleash terror during party nominations hoping their ‘suit’ voting pattern would help them hold on to their seats.


Fast forward to Wetangula’s presidential launch. The same script was repeated with the only exception being that this time it was executed by ‘Men in Black’, who had firm instructions not to allow the function to take place. From the onset, the launch was set up to fail. Wetangula was not naïve to the possibility of chaos but he decided to face the situation courageously ‘Mundu ku mundu’. The poison chalice had been poured and the defiant Wetangula, notwithstanding virulent attacks from Raila’s stooge, threats of violence coupled with threats to deny him use of historical Muliro Gardens grounds decided to go ahead and launch his presidential race. Just like they had planned with President Uhuru’s address to the nation, there is no way they would give Bungoma senator mirage by launching his presidential campaign. In both cases good prevailed over evil. These are coward acts and those who planned, funded and perpetuated the act should be ashamed. They cannot be using innocent Kenyans as a shield to their selfish political contestation. Its time Wetangula smells the coffee before we are treated to another bizarre!

Over the years ODM has demonstrated with words and actions that its second name is violence. They have unleashed all manner of terror to both its real and imagined ‘moles’, supporters and common mwananchi. This is the high time Kenyans, who have bestowed great responsibility to ODM, demand accountability from the party and hold its leaders to account for every action by its truant supporters. It is high time Raila stops taking Kenyan’s for a ride and prescribe his antidote to all those young souls he has poisoned their minds. As we head towards the general elections in 2017, it is evident, from both their actions and intent that CORD and specifically ODM may be planning to ‘forcefully’ join government using whatever means at their disposal. Their immediate strategy is to ensure the country is divided along ethnic lines, inculcate hatred between and among communities, create a 40 vs 2 tribal narrative and hype their strongholds against the ruling government. By so doing they hope to force for a re-run and thereafter negotiate for ‘nusu mkate’ kind of government. ODM is not ready to rule, they are just power hungry with their only intent being the trappings of power. How they miss it!

This is a script they wrote prior to 2007 elections and all indications shows that they are dusting and fine tuning their usual divisive narrative. As we move towards 2017 elections we must not shed blood for any selfish interests. Politics should not be the basis of enmity and we should never justify violence as a means to an end.



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