Recent reports from Interpol describes how Abubakar Joho and his brother Ali Hassan till recently after government crackdown on drugs and small arms have been in charge of a multi-million euro trafficking empire. According to the report, Abubakar Joho “has been the clearing agent for containers that have been containing drugs till the government intervened. And this has brushed the brothers the wrong way and hence Johos anger towards the Jubilee government.

The influence of Abubakar on Ali Hassan is the one typical of an elder brother towards his younger. Joho career in the drug trade began when young Joho won the 2007 elections as MP. The report reveals Johos political path was funded by Swaleh Kandereni, Billy Mahandi and Swaleh Ahmed who are all arrested in Mombasa under drug trafficking charges in 2010. According to the Interpol, Kandereni allegedly was a major supplier to dealers in the coastal town of Malindi. Another of Joho’s influencial campaigner “was suspected narcotics trafficker Ali Punjabi”, the report reads.

According to the report, it is Abubakar and Joho who are controlling drugs and small arms till now which the government has waged war on and hence This has led to Joho attacking and negative propaganda towards the government. After  Joho was elected as governor of the Mombasa, the two brothers owned Prima Bins & Pest Control, an import-export company in charge of waste management and rat- killing. It is through their company that the pair move drugs across Kenya. Interpol officials also identify Israeli company Amiran Kenya Ltd, owned by Israeli businessman Andy, as a crucial actor in the criminal network. Andy appears closely connected with a Mombasa-based man, nicknamed Adamo, one of Joho’s trusted operators.

Joho a close confidant to Raila, enjoyed privileges and protection in his drugs and small arms especially when Raila was the PM. Together with the Railas’ late son Fidel and with Raila blessing, Joho and Fidel had expanded their drugs network and built his supremacy in coastal region. That is one of the reasons Joho named a street in the memory of Fidel.Dealer.jpg














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