Agwambo! Owadgi Akinyi. Tinga. Baba….The man who once led the most popular political party in and out of Kenya….All sorts of praise akin to worship are poured unto him by his fanatic supporters who love him with a passion and are even ready to die for him. But I always ask, why throw away for the sake of a person who holds no worth for it except during elections? Why give your life up for a man whose word has no worth and has no honour? Yet again, I say it’s politics!
More than 5 years after his monumental presidential application speech at the KICC, many people including important figures in Raila’s strategy team for the 2007 wondered what had happened to his pre-election promises once he became the Prime Minister. A co-principal of Kibaki. He sat atop the PM’s office, one humongous and highly elevated institution in Kenya with a budget running into billions of  shillings. He had extensive influence and incredible power under his breathe. Even with those, he still behaved like an opposition leader and activist, consistently complaining about a government of which he co-headed. Why couldn’t he use his office to pursue some of his pre-election goals and commitments? Why did he still behave like an official opposition leader? Today it is “nusu mkate” tomorrow “nusu mkeka”…..all in a bid to make Kibaki look bad in a bid to gain political mileage in the 2013 polls of which he terribly lost, yet again.
Perhaps one of the key things most Kenyans will remember of his maiden speech at KICC in 2007 is his commitment and promise to fight graft. He had promised accoutability for corruption, nepotism and tribalism. When he finally got into government, it was a far cry from what his followers and the larger Kenyans expected of him. He was a tribalist, but against his people! That’s the irony of it. He didn’t help Luos, the ones he had tactically segregated and called the Luo Nation. The ones he had lied to all along. Raila helped the Jaramogi clan.
Notably, perhaps, is the first appointment he made as PM. Even before he was sworn in as PM, he handpicked his relative from Siaya, James Ogundo, to be a member of the lucrative CDF board. Into the premiership, his most notable appointments or nominations to government positions were his family members. These included Oburu Oginga his elder brother as assistant minister of finance, his cousin Jakoyo Midiwo as the ODM and joint coalition chief whip which is essentially a full cabinet position, his sister Akinyi Wenwa to a diplomatic position in Los Angeles, another sister Beryl Achieng as chairperson of Kenya Railway worker’s pension board. Others include cousins Carey Orege as PS ministry of regional development, Elkanah Odembo (Jakoyo’s brother in law ) as ambassador to the US, Paul Gondi as an executive chair to the Geothermal Development Company, a distant cousin from Sakwa south Nyanza Mr.Ochillo Ayacko also as an executive chair of Kenya Nuclear Electricity Project and Joe Ager from Sakwa Bondo as a senior officer of KPLC!
As if that is not enough, campaign funds used in 2007 contributed by his supporters in the diaspora specifically Minnesota and Colorado USA were handled by his sister Akinyi Walkowa, daughter Rosemary Akeyo or George Opondo, another relative who was oftenly referred to as “Kulei” in Raila’s office. That was campaign money and not his personal funds!…..how do you trust such a man with the presidency?
Keep it here for the second  part of this expository pieces.


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