Raila the Fascist Demagogue that Destroys

Fascism is best described as a form of radical, extremist, authoritarian “nationalism” becoming the political principles of a country’s regime. The roots of fascism are almost always centered on ethnic “superiority” and thus segregation, alienation isolation and a refusal to be an inclusive multi-cultural society. In every fascist movement the proponents will identify and target entire ethnic groups as the source of their discontent, actively demand laws to limit the progress of target groups by racially profiling them and institute economic sabotage to limit their progress. In the event of fascism flourishing across a nation, target groups will be excluded from the national discourse, and then systematically ethnically cleansed.

Raila Odinga’s links and beliefs in fascism are undisputed. His tertiary education and ties to the then soviet occupied Eastern Germany founded his belief in violent fascism, brutal authoritarianism and exclusion of ethnicities. Starting in 1962, he spent two years at the ‘Herder Institut’, part of the ‘University of Leipzig’ in East Germany. He then earned a scholarship to the ‘Technical School’ in Magdeburg, East Germany, where he graduated in 1970 with a degree in “Mechanical engineering”.

An early exposure to the barbaric soviet ways unleashed Raila’s inner savagery. Raila’s penchant for violence dates back to his student days where he was involved in a savagery violent encounter with an East German soldier. In the company of another Kenyan student called Odero Ojwok, Raila was drinking in a hotel together with some female students, when East German soldiers who were interested in the white ladies came and a brawl ensued. While Raila held one soldier by the neck in true Kenyan ‘ngeta’ fashion, Odero Ojwok opened the soldier’s stomach with a knife, spilling out all his intestines. Pandemonium broke out in the hotel and alarm bells were promptly pressed in the appropriate quarters. In a matter of minutes, colleagues of the badly wounded soldier arrived in the hotel and beat the living daylights out of Raila and Odero Ojwok. In the process of the brutal beating, Raila was flung against the hotel’s French window where he smashed his face, causing the scar which is visible on the face for many years. He also broke his jaw and lost some teeth causing him to stammer, henceforth. Raila and his Kenyan colleague were beaten up so badly that by the time the police came, Raila could hardly lift himself off the ground. He was rushed unconscious to hospital where he was admitted in critical condition.

The fight and need for recovery must have affected Raila’s studies, and he returned to Kenya in 1970 having “completed” his education. However, Raila has no degrees to prove this, a matter that Kijana Wamalwa often brought up, that Raila has no education certificates.

Instead of banking on an education which he really did not have, or attempting to work hard in the opportunities presented to him, Raila sought to utilize his violence to make it. By 1982, Raila, his father Jaramogi Odinga, former Attorney General Charles Njonjo had hatched a plot based on their unbridled greed and justified by their fascism, a plot that would drastically change the course of history in Kenya. Raila Odinga, using traitors within the Kenya military, planned the 1982 coup.

The fascist leader sees war as a revolution. The bloodiest kind, with the most devastating consequences for minorities is considered the most successful revolution. Fascists ultimately saw the horrors of WW1 as a European Revolution that brought massive changes in the nature of war, society, the state and technology. Fascists believe that liberal democracy is obsolete. This is the exact same philosophy behind the 1982 coup, when Senior Private Hezekiah Ochuka and his band of traitors stormed the KBC studios to announce their overthrow of the government, the first claims they made were that they backed by the people of Kenya. This claim was an absolute lie; to overthrow government through unconstitutional means especially a military coup is to reject the very power of the people, their power to choose their own leaders.

At gunpoint, Hezekiah Ochuka commanded KBC presenter Leonard Mambo Mbotela to read statements that they had written down. In an audio recording of that frightening broadcast, Mbotela reads: “The government has been taken by a very very powerful group, supported by the people, wananchi wenyewe.”

People power, the “People’s President” and the idea that the people were behind him has always been Raila’s claim. Even back in 1982, when he, Jaramogi Odinga, Hezekiah Ochuka and a band of ill-equipped soldiers decided to take over the state, the principle claim they had for their unconstitutional means was that they were doing it for the people. In 1982, 200 civilians were killed before the coup came to an end, as well as 100 soldiers. In 2007, 1300 people were massacred. The people always suffer because of Raila.

Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature, and views political violence, war and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation. Raila’s beliefs and approach even within ODM are “by any and all means necessary”. The elections in 2007 and again in 2013 were marked by his violent speech, hatred, open hostility to his rivals, and his ignoring the clear threats to ethnic communities stated by his lieutenants, his dictatorial tendencies and utter dishonesty. His actions so aggrieved his co-principals that former Deputy Prime Minister Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi broke ranks with him and ran as an opponent in 2013, adamant that he is not a cheerleader.

From a violent beginning in East Germany to his violence driven election campaigns, Raila Odinga has evolved into the worst demagogue Kenya has ever borne. A demagogue is a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument. In Raila Odinga’s case, he will appeal to ethnic mistrust, chauvinism, stereotypes and antagonisms; the most basic, tribal bigotry that resides in the masses.

It is no secret that Raila’s narcissism propels him and his cronies to mastermind propaganda of the absurd. Never offering alternatives, nor allowing any possibility of rational discourse, Raila’s answer to everything is “I should be President”. There is nothing else offered to the country, other than his candidacy for president, and somehow that will magically solve all of Kenya’s challenges.

The fear that such a fascist demagogue and dictator instills in a country still reeling from the 2007 post election violence cannot be disputed. Kenya is a nation that suffers perennial intractable conflicts in its North. The threat posed by Al-shabaab militants is of the existential variety even as Kenya takes center stage in the war against terrorism in East Africa. It is shocking that Raila would then demand that KDF forces withdraw from Somalia. Clearly he is still bitter with the military’s collective refusal to support his dreams of being a dictator. More disturbing is how willing Raila is, to sacrifice the security and safety of Kenyan citizens in order to gain power.

Raila Odinga is the fascist demagogue that seeks to destroy Kenya.




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