In December of 1999, Calvin Burgess was requested to come to Kenya by the then Provincial
Commissioner, Peter Raburu to consider investing in Nyanza Province and to meet with
President Moi. On December 28th Dominion met with President Moi at his home and had a great breakfast with him assuring us of complete government cooperation and asking us to come to Kenya. It took me a year to fully digest and prepare for the magnitude of this venture. A certain Bishop from Kisumu tried to influence us to come to the Ahero and take over a failed rice scheme there and in 2002 we surveyed the ground and began the studies for this area.
It soon became clear that the Bishop had conflicted interests and demanded a 51% interest in the project for no investment and he was asked to stand down from the project. This infuriated him
and soon he tried to destroy us in any way possible including false charges and arrests for
supposedly stealing my own vehicle which we had title to.
I and our other directors were illegally detained for an entire day in the Kisumu Police
station. Welcome to Kenya. We left.
In 2003, Dominion was petitioned again by Peter Raburu and the MD of Lake Basin
Development Authority, George Ochieng to return to Nyanza to see another project, and we did so a few months later. On September Saturday 20th 2003 we were shown Yala Swamp. This wasthe poorest place on earth that I had ever seen with emancipated children, sickness and death
being everywhere. The next day, Sunday, my board returned and we drove as far into the bush,
along the side of the swamp, as we could near some huts near where the rice mill now stands.
We were the first white people the children had ever seen and we scarred them. Finally we got
down on our knees and they would come forward to touch us and then look at their hands. This
was followed by a few old and toothless men wearing frayed, tattered rags. With tears running
down their cheeks they begged, “Please come, please help, please come, please help, we have
nothing,” and truly that was the case. This was truly a place of death. We were in the heart of
Lou land, under the shadow of Mount Ramogi where the Lou people began. It was like being 10
centuries behind the rest of the country. These were a forgotten people by their leaders and the
rest of the country. That night in the Imperial Hotel I could not sleep and I knew I needed to
make a decision and could I actually make a difference.
Within a few months I returned and the process began. Public meeting were held over and over
in Daraga, Kadenge, Siaya and Bondo. Some were held in shelters covered by USAID feed
sacks stretched over poles tied together. We met the people where they were, we went to their
chiefs, and their leaders. There were so many sick people ravaged by Aids and Malaria. Two
boys, each with broken arms, were injured from jumping off large rocks because they were
being chased by the night stalkers. Broken bones could be seen through their skin so we took
them for medical help. This place was full of witchdoctors and the demonic. Soon George took
us to the county councils and the councils claimed they had control of the land, not LBDA. In
the end, the counties were correct so our relationship began with them. The county counselors
begged us to come and hired lawyers to work with ours and an MOU was crafted and signed
between the Counties and Dominion. This was then turned into a document, which was executed by the Minister of Lands in June of 2004 for a term of 45 years. LBDA desired to remain in a
small role with the farm to provide excess equipment to us, perform our environmental reports,
design the irrigation systems and assure smooth operations for the company as it relates to the
government. For this they were to receive an annual sum. We began to ship farm equipment into the country and it got held at the ports with demands for
bribes, which we did not and never will pay. Finally US President Bush intervened with
President Kibaki in the oval office in Washington, DC and our equipment was released.
Almost every shipment to follow always had a corruption element attached with it, which we
fought, and these delayed the project. In 2004 we shipped in three vehicles owned by the three
directors of the company and they were held up at the port with a demand for $80,000.00 for
their release. Since they were vehicles of the relocating directors there was not duty and no taxes
due. Appeals were made to the President, the treasury, the minister of transportation, and the
Attorney General ruled in our favor. Directives were given for their release, yet the
Commissioner of Customs refused to release our vehicles. Fourteen months passed with no
release so we and the pastors and their wives of Kisumu began to pay. The commissioner of
customs had an untimely death in his vehicle in a one-car accident and the next day our vehicles
were released. Simply put, Dominion will never be involved in corruption of any kind even if it
costs us dearly. Once the project was officially approved we began our work. The Bishop became incensed that he did not receive the 51% ownership that he demanded, so he became an enemy but in fairness to him he did come and apologizes a few years later and he is forgiven. The MD for LBDA went into retirement and a new person was appointed and he decided LBDA would not leave the land.

The agreement with LBDA had a provision to lease their broken down inoperable equipment to
Dominion for the life of the project for 11,000,000 KSH. Dominion repaired two small excavators at a cost of around 5,000,000 KSH and then went to take delivery of a small dozer as
part of this lease. When the truck arrived LBDA took the tracks off of it and refused to give it to
us. Then they came and by force took away the repaired and operational excavators. Dominion
lost 16,000,000 KSH on the transaction and received no equipment. The provisions of the agreement required Dominion to pay 11,000,000 to the City of Kisumu, so LBDA could receive
their title deed for the rice mill they had constructed in Kisumu. This money was to be paid
directly to Kisumu and we did so. The CID subsequently reported that the attorneys for the
City and LBDA took off with the funds. The final straw was when LBDA went to three
Cabinet Ministers and claimed we did not give environmental studies to NEMA nor have public
meeting regarding the project. The Ministers issued a cease and vacate order to Dominion
demanding we leave the project.
When this happened I was out of the country but we ceased all work and gave copies of the
order to our now unemployed workers. Within hours masses of people were gathered in Siaya
about to take down the government buildings. The next day thousands descended on Bondo with
effigies of the three ministers, which they proceeded to, burned on live TV. A few days later in
Kisumu, we were told the largest demonstration in the city’s history was held. I arrived a few
days later in Nairobi to a Government begging me not to leave. Looking back now I should
have left.
Slowly we began to convert the swamp into dry land. First we worked on constructing the weir
and diverting Yala River 12 KM in one direction and 8.8 KM in another, with the last becoming both an irrigation canal and a feeder canal to Lake Kenyaboli which had been cut off from
incoming flows of water since around 1986. The lake had evaporated to around one meter of
depth in some areas and was full of salt. This was our first objective and once the weir was
complete, water flowed to revitalize the lake. Finally, the massive weir (dam) was complete and
on April 4, 2006 an official dedication ceremony was held with thousands present including the
Honorable Raila Odinga. The new 500-acre lake behind the weir was filled with fish and the
local people loved it, but the politicians began stirring up trouble again. We now had a method
to hold the floodwaters from a small portion, so we began clearing and leveling the land. This
was very expensive and time consuming. The first 300 acres cleared was given to the counties
(150 acres each) in agreement with the lease. This was for the local people to use, but only a few
came on the land from the Bondo, and Siaya kept anyone from using their part for 2 full years.
The counselors were trying to find a way to make a profit from it. Relocation of the main river
to the side of the swamp was a very difficult task requiring large and special equipment. This
took over a year to complete. The reclaimed land could not be utilized for rice without a full
irrigation constructed first. The irrigation system was to be designed by LBDA as was
contracted for. When I approached them to do this work, they refused. We proceeded on our
own to design it ourselves, utilizing the experience of a rice land developer from the US. While
this work was going on we planted maize to show the local people how it was done in the US.
We did not do very well by US standards, but on average we achieved 35 (140 bushels) bags to
the acre. When the politicians saw this they demanded more land than the agreement called for
and for us to separate the Siaya and Bondo lands.
In late 2006 terrible rains and floods came to Nyanza displacing thousands of people. This
situation was worse, just north of our land so Dominion gave massive amounts of food to these
people. In the first week of December 2006 Dominion took truckloads of both maize and rice to the area and gave it to the se desperate families. The local area MP, Honorable Sammy Weya
came and made speeches while we gave the food at multiple locations with people where they
were sleeping on spots of high ground under pieces of plastic. As I drove back to the farm
behind the Honorable Member, he was wadding up 50 KSH notes and throwing them out the
vehicle window. Hungry grown men would grovel in the mud to get one of these and it was so
demeaning to see this. We set out to try to fix these people’s land, as much as possible, from
floods again. Once we completed the Yala River diversion we relocated our heavy equipment to
the north side and began construction of a dike there. At the same time we went deep into the
swamp to clear the blockages in the main drains and diverted the incoming flows of water from
the area. It has not flooded in that area since 2006. We drained the floods from our land and the
land of our neighbors as well. This action converted over 2500 acres of swamp into dry land.
Most importantly we have allowed the very thankful local people to farm on this land until
we expand the farm to the area. They still anxiously wait for us to get there and bring them
good jobs.
During this time the Government of Kenya asked me to look at the problems in the housing
sector. Raila Odinga was both the Minister of Housing and the Minister of Roads; so much of
my contact was with him. My companies in the US spent months of work developing a proposal
which we took to the US Government though the Overseas Private Investment Corporation
(OPIC) and received a $100,000,000 (10 Billion KSH) commitment for funding. Raila,
and the President of OPIC, and I signed the documents during the Africa Convention at
the Hilton Inn in Washington D.C. to much fanfare and the world press. Unfortunately
Minister Odinga got into a major battle with the Kenyan Minister of Finance, Honorable David
Mwiraria. The finance minister told me he was willing to proceed but had been embarrassed
by Honorable Odinga, so the project had to be cancelled. It was heartbreaking to take a firm commitment for the equivalent of 10 billion KSH back to the US Government. What a loss to
the people of Kenya. Raila told the Kenyan people that I had taken the funds to West
Africa. During this same time Raila began demanding for me to support him politically, with
large sums of money. I explained the US law called “The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” did
not allow me to do this and would result in the end of the farm, my imprisonment and a
$2,000,000.00 fine in the US. He would not accept this, saying people from Canada, and Europe
gave him money so I had to do so as well. He claimed nobody would ever find out. I said NO.
At every subsequent meeting this soon became a topic of discussion. As rice production began
we empowered many young Kenyans to become our distributors. Mrs. Ruth Odinga, the now
Deputy Governor in Siaya and Raila’s sister pressed us hard to become a dealer in a prime
location in Kisumu and finally we gave in. She took the rice and has yet to pay for it in over 5
years. But what can a person do with this family?
2007 was an election year and the stakes were high for all parties. I was in the US for Christmas
when the vote took place and soon war broke out. I returned to Kenya as quickly as possible.
This just nearly destroyed the farm operation. Our key personal had gone home for Christmas,
the roads were blocked; we had little fuel and nobody to take care of the fields. I spent weeks
locked down on the farm harvesting all we could and processing all the rice we had until we ran
out of fuel. This was the only food source in the area so we were the source of life for these
people. They were so thankful that they watched over the farm as it was their own. The violence
was horrendous with death and destruction all around. I saw the bodies of the dead along the
roads and our vehicles had to be protected by the army. I am so thankful to the National Police
and the Army for the job they did. After the second MP was killed I had to get out of here
so I hired the police to escort me to Siaya in a convoy of our trucks. In Siaya we too on a Massai family that was living at the police station and then headed for Kisumu. I called my wife
and friends back home to ask for their prayers and to say goodbye should the worst happen. Four
terrible hours later we arrived in Kisumu at the airport. I sat there until after dark staying inside
as the gunfire was only a few blocks away. The plane left under the cover of darkness with
me and a cargo hold full of dead bodies.
The election yielded a whole different world in Kenya. The County Council vote for our area
resulted in a woman winning but was denied the position and ODM placed Leonard Otieno
Oriaro in the seat. His job was to interrupt everything Dominion did so we would abandon the
farm to the politicians. Leonard became a continuous harassment demanding more land,
claiming this was ancestral land of the community even though they knew it used to be Lake
Bottom. We finally obtained the recovery of 3800 acres of property. In 2010 nine hundred acres
were officially given to the counties. This with the 2500 acres to the north had the community
now occupying 3400 acres of our 6300 acres of land, or more than half of it. It was now time for
us to move forward with more recovery efforts so we began to clear the area north of what we
call Doug’s ditch. As we moved in Leonard told the people to go and block us there and plant
their crops so we could not plow our fields. The county had persons file lawsuits in court to
claim ownership of the former swamp and this took years to work through the legal system. The
courts all ruled in our favor but it cost us so much time and money.
Finally, the court cases were resolved and with decisions in hand we were ready to try again. In
July of 2011 we put together a large medical team and performed 80 major surgeries for free
over a three-day period. While giving this medical to the people the Wildlife Authority
showed up and claimed they were going to take our farmland from us with the stroke of a
pen. The battles never end. More legal battles ensue but in the end we win again, but the cost in time and money is draining. Action Aid sponsored a court case against us for giving our land
to others in 2011. They lost and it was appealed again but they lost again. After years of delay
we press forward with the beginning of our agricultural college constructing a 21,000 square
foot facility for dorms, classrooms, food service and support facilities. Soon we had students
learning modern agriculture and changing their environments. The ODM MCA’s are relentless
with their attacks being beyond belief and now it is election time again.
The following is from my diary of August 2011:
Thursday morning came very early as this was a special day. We have nearly completed the
fields on the south part of the property. The fields feed so many now and it is time to move
across what we call Doug’s Ditch and start the reclamation of the next part of the farm. I
skipped breakfast and headed for the shop. There was excitement in the air as the tractors came
to life. Chris and I took the short drive to the new bridge. We are in new fields starting a new
phase of the farm. Two tractors breaking ground with a third on the way, but now one is stuck. A
dozer and cables soon arrive to set it free again. Over the past two years the local people have
been allowed to grow small gardens on the land, always knowing that they would need to leave
when we needed to reclaim the property.

The Government as our landlord gave the people notice several months back not to plant
anything else and to relocate their gardens to the 900 acres we set aside for them. A crowd of
locals is gathering along the east side of the fields watching the machines and some are
hurrying to collect a few small crops, which remain in the area. The land is good and the
clearing is going well. We calculate that at the rate the tractors are going we will be able to
clear 300 acres per day. An old gentleman, Austin, came along and we began discussing how we
would best plant the newly reclaimed land.

Suddenly the crowd is growing ugly and we see the county counselor whipping them into frenzy.
It is time to get out of here but the bridge stands between us and safety. The crowd is on the run,
led by this crazy man. The Jeep is in low range and won’t go more than a few miles an hour; I
do not have time to change gears as I must stop to do so. Fifty feet more to the bridge and they
are closing in. Rocks are being hurled at the Jeep and men with machetes wildly swing them
through the air hoping to beat me to the gap. First I start to turn around but know I have
nowhere to go so the throttle is to the floor, our hearts race and by just a hair we make it to the
bridge and across. They missed their chance. By now Chris is on the phone to the authorities,
but the police have no fuel in their vehicles so can’t come until they source funds. Meanwhile the
crowd is going for our tractors, throwing rocks, and finally they all end up in a circle together.
Our small security force tries to protect them. The counselor rallies the poor uneducated people
telling them they should burn our tractors and threatening the drivers with burned homes if they
drive them again. Many of the squatters are actually working for political leaders and others of
wealth, who have tried to steal the land from us and then hire the locals at cheap prices to fatten
their own wallets.
Minutes turn to an hour before the police arrive. One truck of five and then another of 10, and
finally another of 10 more. Riot gear is put on and we lead them back to the fields, but this time I
stop hundreds of feet from the crowd. The talking begins but the counselor raves on about how
we are going to grow crops and send them to Nigeria. He then changes to multiple other stories
of nonsense. The crowd is told to disperse, but they stay. The police officials do not know what
to do so they retreat back to the shop area and then to my office. Sworn statements must be
received before arrests can be made, so witnesses must be brought in. Finally they are ready to
go make the arrests and the rain begins to pour. Chris and I are told the crowd has dispersed.

The police are ordered to accompany us in our clearing efforts tomorrow but can we work in the
mud? After the rain quits, Chris and I hop back in the jeep to go check it out. Cautiously we
approach the bridge and all is clear. Nobody is in sight so we cross and stop. The mud is deep
and working is out of the question for a few days. “Here they come again” Chris shouted as a
band of machete (Panga) wielding men emerged from the bushes.

I threw the Jeep into reverse but it would not go in the mud. Forward towards the crowd then
sideways in a slide and I was going towards the bridge again but I was not straight and headed
for the water. Machetes were aimed at the windows. Reverse again and then a blast of power
and we were safe again. The police were there in minutes this time and slowly the crowd
dispersed. A man-bridge had been built to cross over to our land by the locals so they would not
have to swim. They smugly moved back to their bridge, as the police were in pursuit. The mud
was tough going for all. We must remove the bridge but it was substantial. Soon a 500 Hp
Tractor was in place under armed guard and the whole bridge was towed away, never to return.
At least now if they return they will all be wet and there are snakes in that water.
We got Barbara on the road to Kisumu where she will spend the night then get home to the US
tomorrow. Her efforts to get the homes ready for the Americans on the way here are now going
to have to wait until she can return.

By evening the US Embassy was notified and they will have people here in the morning. This is
the first time we have had contact in the last 5 years, and they went into action. I called and left
a message for the Prime Minister and he just called back to say he will be ask the Police
Commissioner for his assistance. It is now very late and suddenly there is a ruckus and pounding outside my house and I don’t know what it is but I headed to my room to get my only defense weapon, a can of pepper spray. This is an industrial can, not the little ones at home. It is quiet now but what next will the day hold. I am tired but thankful. It is not every day that one escapes an attempt on their life twice. Tonight, with two spears by my side, I will learn how to
sleep with one eye open. Goodnight.

The night’s sleep was terrible but morning still came. Rains had made the roads nearly
impassable for the first couple of hours, but then the Embassy and CID (FBI) arrived to review
the situation. We have 25 heavily armed police here and the attention of the government. The
councilman is on the run, but the police are following every lead. He will be apprehended but
when? Business must go on so meeting after meeting is held. Finally around 3:30 a television
station arrived for an interview. It was time to get out of the office and see the situation on the

A new ODM Governor, a cousin to Raila is elected and has asked for a meeting in Kisumu. A
Dominion Senior Manager and I went to his requested location in a bar where he is having a
grand old time. We waited for about an hour and finally he and his attorney came to meet with
us. His greeting words were, “Calvin I am going to take your farm from you.” Nice way to
start off a new battle. I told him that he could try but Dominion Farms would remain beyond his
term in office.

The District Attorney charged the ODM counselor and court hearings began taking many years
to obtain a ruling. Even with the direct testimony of tens of witnesses and multiple police
officers the judge was compromised and ruled that because I did not understand Luo I
could not know the MCA was telling people to kill me. The police gave testimony and the
other witnesses in the attack did the same. The police have appealed the ruling but when will it
ever get to a higher court? This local ODM thug continues to harass and incite hatred in the
community with impunity. Our new land development would be delayed again. Where is the

We began more land development in 2013 and discovered the dirt was not compatible to rice so
we started with soy and with the eye on possibly growing sugar cane. Research was done and
the community begged us to grow sugarcane. I traveled the world looking at operations and
spoke to experts. When this got to the community there was great excitement in the air but the politicians had their own agendas. The attacks came in from every angle with ODM Honorable Jakoyo holding more rallies in Siaya demanding we leave the land but the locals rejected his words and told him to leave. We made application for our license and then we waited.
ODM Honorable Sammy Weya, a former MP requested I come to his home, which I did
along with the Dominion MD. Sammy demanded that the government be made in control of the
project and that he, Sammy Weya be made chairman of the board and then I not return to
the farm. I told him it would surely fail just like every other government owned sugar
operation. Next Edwin, a relative to Raila Odinga showed up with his wife demanding I
make him and others owners of the Sugar Mill. I told him I would rather have the old ladies
working in my fields as partners than a politician, and that I am not in the business of making
rich people richer. Nothing was working for them so it was time for them to revert back to their
old tactics.

Public hearings were held in the community with the Sugar Directorate, however the ODM
MCA’s and Sammy showed up with rocks in their trunks along with a group of thugs to
throw the rocks. Many of the community and my employees were injured and will bear the
scars until their graves. The community however united and became even more determined to have approval. On their own, they sent delegations of community members to both the ODM
Governor and to the leader of ODM, Honorable Raila Odinga asking for them to call off
the dogs of war. This just intensified the attacks on the community. Environment studies were
completed and fully approved by NEMA but for months the permits were not issued. The
NEMA officers agreed that all was well but the Director General just would not sign the
approvals. NEMA had received a massive pile of non-sense objections filed by the ODM group
trying to stop our licensing.

Meanwhile Raila Odinga, ODM Governor Rasanga and the MCA’s are headed to India to
find a firm to replace Dominion on our land. They found a company called Godavari
Enterprises and then falsified public meeting minutes for meetings, which did not take place.
Godavari is actually a subsidiary of Farm Lands of Africa Inc, USA. Upon doing research on
this company, it is an over the counter tiny company which is publically traded with a virtual
“Zero Net Worth” and if they were involved with this kind of an operation they would be subject
to the same “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,” which would likely send their Directors to prison
and impose a $2,000,000.00 USD fine on the company. Honorable Raila Odinga obviously did
not remember the many conversations I had with him regarding this type of criminal activity,
when I refused to give him money. A shabby EIA was hastily prepared which did not even
resemble a properly done EIA. It was simply a sham. The plans submitted re-allocated our lands
to Godivari reducing our property size from 17,050 acres down to 6369 acres, or only 37% of
our contracted area. The company they chose was then brought to the area and introduced to the
local people, now working on our land, on the north side of the farm saying they were to meet
the new company coming to take our land from them. That was a very big mistake as the people
ran them off the property. Never-the-less ODM Governor Rasange signed an MOU with Godivari on Jan 11, 2016 granting those 6000 acres of our land and confirming that the County
Government has the authority to do so. This is a totally illegal action done in secret by ODM and
their desperately broke Indian partners.
Farmlands of Africa have the real name of Farmlands of Guinea, Ltd. It started out as a State
of Nevada company incorporated on October 11, 2007 under the name of Kryptic Entertainment Inc. On April 1, 2011 it changed its name to Farm Lands of Guinea, Inc. The last reported financials are dated June 30, 2011 when they had a Basic and Diluted share earnings of negative two cents per share for a Total Equity Deficit of negative $147,265.00 or negative 1,4726,500 KSH. THEY ARE WORSE THAN BROKE. These are the people that ODM chose to give my land to and be their new partners in the community. The real reason for this deception is hidden in the document summary on page 6. It reads that the project cost is a total of 105, 000,000 KSH. That amount is not even one tenth of the cost to develop a rice farm of over 6,000 acres. It would not pay for the cost of planting and growing even a crop of one half that size. It would not pay for the leveling and irrigation system to plant even 1000 acres. It would not pay for the tractors and equipment to even start a farm of this magnitude. This whole scam was simply to divert 105,000, 000 KSH into the pockets of the defunct Kryptic Entertainment Inc. and from there to be redistributed as they may be instructed. This was simply money taken from the mouths of the Siaya children into the pockets of ODM crooks and their new partners. For a comprehensive EIA the price would not be over 5,000,000 from a fine qualified firm. This document is not an EIA, is a nothing but a sham. As we continued in the process of obtaining our sugar mill permits the local people continued to meet with Raila requesting his support for the project and begging for him to stop the ODM MCA’s from attacking them physically, but the abuse continued. The ODM thugs confidently touted that Dominion would never get the license because NEMA would never issue the permit and that appeared to be a correct statement. Messages were sent to us stating that the problem was that I did not financially support the ODM team and it would never be issued. An MCA lady in the Siaya Assembly was dispatched to see Chris saying the troubles
would all go away for a payment of 30,000,000 KSH. We did not pay, but we did continue to
pray. We spoke to the people at NEMA and they said all was well but the Director General was
never available to sign the document and he became unreachable for months. I recorded the
call and he suddenly figured that out and blurted out “You are not going to turn me in for
denying I am the Director General?” Sir all I want is the license. He said have someone at my
office in the morning and you will get it, and sure enough it was ready before 8:00 am. After
over a year of delay and many millions in extra costs we could now begin.
Defeat is a very hard thing to accept, especially if you are an ODM thug on a directed mission,
so we waited for their next move, and that did not take long. In September of 2016, I was at
Dominion farm when we received a message that ODM Governor Rasanga was on a local
vernacular radio station knowing I was around and saying he was going to attack Dominion on a
September 29th of 2016. Having already narrowly escaped one vicious attack on my life by
ODM thugs we took this seriously and in the middle of the night I fled to Kisumu and on to
Nairobi. We notified the US Embassy and the National Police. Four ODM thugs, Sylvester
Madiallo, Leonard Otieno Oriaro, Elisha Okuku, and Nicholas Ochieng, arrived in the
morning bringing with them the County owned bulldozer to tear down the gate and attack me,
but I and another American Director were already gone. That did not stop them as they
continued to try to tear down our gates. Police gunshots had to be fired for them to stop their
advance. Then they tried to escape on the road to Bondo but forgot about their being a police
post located at the Daraga Bridge. They were taken into custody and charged by the authorities but released on bond awaiting trial. The four men included the same ODM MCA, Leonard
Oraio who attempted to have us hacked to death previously. This is Politically Sponsored
Terrorism against an American Investor in what is supposed to be a civilized nation of laws. A
detailed report was sent to the US Embassy and they are fully aware of the case at this point.
The first criminal trial took months while the carnage of the ODM MCA’s continued unabated,
only to have the judge compromised. This time I hope it is not the same. The police chief in
Kisumu, Mr. Willy Luguza has offered me full time armed protection while I am in the country
and that is likely needed but today I am still just keeping a very low profile. I used to travel
freely and walk the streets with confidence that I was safe, but now it is gravely different. I
seldom leave the farm for fear of my life being taken. I must travel on differing roads each time
I travel and often I must have an armed person with me for security. Imagine this in Kenya
where nearly 100,000 Americans and 100,000 British citizens visit each year, and the impact if
they no longer come.
Dominion is the largest employer in Siaya County for both the size of the payroll and the
number of employees, directly in the center and root of the Lou tribe, yet the ODM officials
continue try and kill the owner of the company. We have invested over $40,000,000 USD or
4,000,000,000 KSH with more to come to finish the project.
Our farm consists of the following:

  1. The largest single rice producer in the country
  2. Dominion farms is a fully Government Approved Bird Sanctuary
  3. The largest supplier of fish fry and fingerlings in East Africa
  4. The largest animal breeding operation for improved dairy cattle with hundreds of locally owned animals being bred and cared for on our lands at no cost to the animal owners
  5. An approved fully accredited modern agricultural college
  6. An Early Child Education Facility and a primary school
  7. The largest employer in Siaya County with A workforce of 1000 people set to soon
    expand again
  8. A new modern sugar mill ready to open in four months’ time
  9. The only mechanized Sugar cane production farm in Western Kenya
  10. The only floating fish food production facility in East Africa

Imagine the impact on the nation of Kenya if the ODM thugs continue their quest to kill or
otherwise displace investors in Kenya. There is not a credible company in the developed world
that would come to an area ruled by an ODM Government to endure the things Dominion has
experienced in Yala Swamp. Many corporations from around the world have come and looked.
They always leave when they understand the political corruption and dangers. We have had
groups from the US wanting to make building materials on our property but it was not safe for
them. A large solar producer from Europe desired to locate here but the investment would not be
safe. A chia producer from Australia desired to come but that was not to be. Many others have
come and looked but it is always the same and they all wonder why I stay.

On one occasion I was meeting with an organization in my office trying to work out a way for
them to donate $10,000,000.00 to help small scale farmers. Meanwhile ODM MCA, Leonard
Oriaro was across the street with a gang of thugs taunting me to come out, so they could get me.
After around two hours the man stood to his feet and said he could not take it anymore and left.
My heart was crushed for the people. The ODM leaders continue to speak lies, fabricate stories with no substantiation or evidence. The local people petition and beg for their ODM leader,
Raila Odinga to intervene and call off the thugs, but not one finger is lifted.
What I have experienced is a deliberate politically sponsored terrorist attack on me. It must be
that I am a white American? We have invested over 4 billion KSH while never taking even a
single shilling home. Every bit of food we produce is sold or given away in Kenya but it is clear
that is just not enough for the greedy leadership of ODM.
You may ask why I am bringing these things out now. On Tuesday February 8th 2017 I have
been summoned to appear in a parliamentary committee meeting, with demands that I
abandon my work and leave the farm. There are four desperate criminals and now the ODM
Member of Parliament from Bondo, Mr. Ochanda has joined the criminals in requesting this
action through an innocent villager, Mr. Caleb Obonyis. It is of significance that this ODM
Member of Parliament from Bondo, Mr. Ochanda is now pushing the community to invade my land once again. It is very strange that the Member of Parliament for Alego- Usonga which covers the vast majority of my land is not involved in this process and deplores the actions of these persons. It is sad that mainstream government agencies would be involved in such cheap politics meant to assist Mr. Ochanda in his election bid in 2017, all at the expense of Dominion Farms and the local community of workers. I will defend myself against these bogus claims once again. These are desperate men and they are now taking desperate actions.
This summon should not even be done as there is a current court case Number: Kisumu HCC
168 of 2011 at the Kisumu court of Appeal. Dominion won the case and was awarded 2,500,000
but the plaintiffs were unable to pay as of this date.
The world needs to know who is trying to kill me and injure my loyal staff of Kenyan
workers, should the worst happen. I have over 500 pages of diaries of similar occurrences in this
desperate land which I call my second home. I have only shard a few of them with you.

For now I can firmly state without doubt that:
What Dominion has experienced is far beyond anything imaginable. It is hard for any intelligent
person to understand how political leaders could withhold prosperity from the poorest of the
poor they are elected to serve for the selfish interests of their own.
Thanks for listening.
Calvin Burgess, CEO
Dominion Farms, Ltd.


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