EXPOSED: How Raila has been using proxies to extort money from an American Billionaire

Raila has not responded to accusations by American Billionaire Calvin Burgess that he has been trying to extort him. Non of Raila’s attack dogs has dared mentioned the matter anywhere………… Does that sound normal? Even Junet Mohamed? Even James Orengo? Even his Cousin Jakoyo?

Raila must have given instructions to let the matter die “Chini ya maji” Why?….. He knows that Calvin has cornered him……. cornered him real bad.

First- Calvin has the recordings of extortion attempts. So, he cannot dare deny.
Second- FBI have taken over three matters and are actively unearthing details.
a) Threats on the life of an American Citizen by an ORGANISED group led by a supreme leader who acts by proxy. This falls under the terrorism against America and American Citizens.
b) Raila made two of the extortion attempts (That were captured on tape) in American soil. You know what that means?
c) Raila and his ravenous gang in the Counties have been siphoning County funds to visit America to meet “Foreign Investors”. It turns out that the “Foreign Investors ” are phony companies registered in the Gambling Capital Las Vegas. After signing fake deals hundreds of millions of CASH meant to develop Homa Bay and Siaya Counties end up in the Las Vegas Companies. This directly falls under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Securities Exchange Commission.

My message to KTN, NTV and other media houses that are fond of “Killing” stories about Raila’s Corruption networks…………… you may run, but you cannot hide. Everything done in secret…… and hidden by your conniving will one day be exposed. God does not slumber- all the evil will be exposed, whether the media hides or not.
Calvin Burgess will be Raila’s Waterloo. Mark this post


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