Raila: the man, who trashes, destroys and devours.

When you do a casual Google search of three words – “Trash, Raila, Projects” the most interesting list comes up. A list of all the times ODM trashed projects in Kenya whether they be political or personal. A list of all the times Raila trashed his rivals, and also trashed his associates and affiliates. A list of any and everything that has the name Raila attached to it, and Trash being the suffix so you will see “Trash Raila” which is, a very, very long list.

A list so long it spans a 30 year career of opportunistic greed, narcissist ambition, self serving ideologies, a list that has the scattered the carcasses of careers of Raila’s underlings, those who had the misjudgment to stand by him and the misfortune to have to face him in the event of his success. Raila has always been a singular entity, always consuming always demanding, a place where the light of professionals goes to die, a man who defined politics as only oscillating about his persona, as superficial and as non-existent as that persona may be.

All of it, discard-able. The first time Raila knew he could discard an ideal, was in his educational experience in East Germany. In his journey to East Germany, Raila of course circumvented a lot of things; principally the question of MERIT, a matter of simply passing elementary exams. You must remember the age of this icon, more than 70 years old, and how so so very long ago he was a young boy, who rejected the education thrust upon him by his own father. Raila had a disdain for his father’s views of the world, his dad’s ideals and principals surely were a distant shroud to the man that Raila detested, as he detested his power over him, as his son.

Even back in the 1950s, forcing Raila through school was just a torture to him. Raila hated education. He did not perform well and would eventually seek to escape the confines of formal learning, not successfully at first. After failing to meet the required pass marks at Maranda High school, of which due to his poor grades he held, and still holds (!), the record in repeating several classes there; ultimately he became the oldest student before finally quitting high school. Raila loves accolades but ironically his first was to be the first African to study abroad without scholarship, a rich man’s son as such, even when his own father was busy securing scholarships for the more intelligent Africans; people like Dr. Munyua Waiyaki, Dr. Odongo Omamo and the like. Raila’s abysmal grades didn’t qualify him for higher education.

Nevertheless, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga did not let his son suffer, and sent Raila the Miscreant to East Germany. So far, his father had tried to teach Raila the value of hard work, the value of respecting others, and the value of non-violence. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s legacy, by the time Raila had gone to East Germany, had been one of political non-violence, comradeship and seeking rebuilding and unity of a nation that had been devastated by a century of colonialism. Raila, his first born son, was his hope.

What a lost hope that was. While Jaramogi Oginga Odinga wrestled with the political constructs of tribalism verses nationalism and struggled with the post-colonial establishment to attempt at his idea of a more dignified future, as he envisioned for Africans, his first born delinquent was busy bashing it out in Germany over Euro-trash girls.

Almost as if to herald how base, violent and vile Raila is, at a hotel in East Germany, Raila Odinga revealed his true nature. The story begins with him and a colleague entertaining two white whores, and the fact that they were white prostitutes did not bother or concern the son of a prominent African politician. But that racial integration bothered an East German Soldier who confronted them and the Euro-Trash girls over their “date”.  A tussle ensued, one in which Raila and his colleague overpowering the soldier. What happened next is a horrific omen to Raila Odinga’s entire purpose of existence.

While his friend, Odero Ojwok held the soldier in a choke-hold, or “Ngeta”; Raila proceeded to eviscerate the fellow, cutting his belly and exposing his intestines, to the shock and horror of the entire hotel. Pandemonium broke out in the hotel! In a matter of minutes the authorities were called. So horrific were his actions that people sought to escape the devil. A flood of patrons screaming out of the hotel met the arrival of the soldier’s peers, who are the next chapter in this horror show of a tragedy.

Outnumbered and, by far outclassed, Raila Odinga and his companion were beaten to within an inch of their worthless lives. Raila was flung like a rag doll against the French Windows of the hotel, sustaining a wound that caused a facial scar, still visible nearly 50 years later. He also got his jaw broken and lost some teeth, causing him to stammer to this day. Raila and his colleague were beaten nearly unconscious and he was rushed to hospital and admitted in critical condition.

The first time Raila treated an allegiance as trash was in his hospital bed, in East Germany. As soon as he recovered, he forgot Odero Ojwok, whose name never ever appears again in Kenya’s annals.

Raila Odinga returned to Kenya a wounded and diseased animal, barely a man. His father Jaramogi Odinga tried his best to give him structure that would help him; a job that was decent, honest living, even if Raila did not have the qualifications. Somehow, Raila became a lecturer at the University of Nairobi, and somehow, while still “teaching” at the UoN, he established what would become the East African Spectre Ltd.; a company manufacturing liquid petroleum gas cylinders.

By 1982, Raila’s unfettered violence, narcissism and fondness for the extreme had him orchestrate the Military coup. At some point in his development, and as he matured into a young man, Raila had cultivated the ability to sway others. He wasn’t very articulate, but he could always fake sincerity, and compel his underlings, using emotional and sometimes violent manipulation. Raila has always used his ethnic heritage and the influence of a highly archaic Dholuo culture, to amplify his heritage and the senses that he is a prince, even though he is completely undeserving and had no royal lineage. The problem with this is; nobody challenges Raila Odinga on his claims to the “throne”, especially not his own clan or his own father at the time, who perhaps hoped that his son would grow into the role befitting a leader of the Luo dynasty.

Perhaps the most violent trashing of allegiances to Raila Odinga ever displayed is when he turned on Hezekiah Ochukah and those that conducted the 1982 coup. From the planning to its execution, Raila and his father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga always had a plan B, of which they had already structured how they would negotiate with Moi and his regime. So when plan A of the orchestrated coup using junior officers of the air force fell through, the plan B went smoothly, Attorney General Charles Njonjo and a host of his colleagues got implicated and thoroughly punished but far short of long term incarceration, and Jaramogi Odinga received house arrest while the young Raila Odinga escapes with his life, a short stint in jail which was basically a slap on the wrist.

The soldiers, however, were jailed, tortured and brutally massacred. Senior Private Hezekiah Ochuka had the terrible distinction of being the last man Kenya ever executed under capital punishment law.

The price you pay when Raila trashes you is astronomical. It goes beyond you; to this day, it is not known if the offspring or relatives of Hezekiah Ochuka survive.

As much as he discards people, Raila will also discard principles, in fact, far more often. There is not a time that Raila has not found an opportunity to go back on a promise he made earlier. Indeed, the presence of Raila introduced to Kenya the two-faced nature of our current political class. Raila hinges on his narcissism and alleged natural talent towards charisma, and stands on top of a hegemony carefully constructed by his father, in order to present to the country the appearance of a man, who has some people behind him.

But the truth is, just like he did as a young man nearly 45 years ago, Raila will today, trash any ordinary Luo, and trash any person who opts to sacrifice themselves towards the goal of Odinga-ism. The cult of Raila is a spent bullet, a cartridge to be discarded as much as he himself discards people, discards, ideals, and discards any principles. We cannot follow a cult of a man, a man who has set himself up to stand as an adversary to community, nationality, country, god, and time. The people of his era have retired, it’s time for Raila to do the same; his ideas died a long time ago, and his violence must die with them. Raila is an OLD rebel without a cause, anti-democracy and a stifling aspect of Kenya we are better off forgetting exists.



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