REVEALED: Joho’s Chief of Staff Under Investigation for Terrorism support.

Extremist.jpgImpunity.jpgFinal .jpgAssasin.jpg

Mombasa County’s chief of staff Idris Abdurahaman is under investigation after he was flagged as the link between the Somalia based terror group Al shabab and coastal terrorists.

Idris a retired Major who was in charge of military logistics was dishonorably discharged from the armed forces several years ago after he was suspected of leaking confidential information in the fight against extremism to the extremist groups in the region. He then joined Raila Odinga’s ODM as head of special projects prior to the 2007 general elections. In that role he is suspected to have been involved in getting rid of several opponents to ODM leader Raila Odinga especially at the Coast and in the North Eastern region. He was so effective he became known as Raila’s Mr Fix-It and even earned himself a corner-office at the Prime Ministers office block during the 2007-2013 Coalition government

However unknown to most whilst working under the former Prime Minister he started recruiting poor young Muslim into join Al_shabab. In return he raised a lot of funds from Alshabab supporters and sympathizers especially at the Coast, for the ODM leader’s presidential campaign in 2013. It is suspected that Raila could have received as much as Kshs 500M through Idris primarily for facilitating passports for these terror suspects.

After Raila lost the elections Idris made a strategic decision to move away from Raila and work directly at the Coast, joining Ali Hassan Joho as Chief of Staff. In this position he used his networks to set up the operation that led to a terrorist attack at Mpeketoni. He is also suspected to have provided logistical support to the terrorists who killed students at the Garissa university as well as to some terrorists who were killed by Kenyan security agents while attempting to carry out attacks in Nairobi. He has also been linked to terrorists training efforts suspected to have been going on in Boni Forest.

Recently members of the public saw Idris in action during an incident where police officers stopped Joho from attending a presidential function at Likoni. Idris was so incensed he nearly got into a fight gut with one of the officers and had to be restrained. In a subsequent conversation Joho is said to have instructed Idris to ensure a particular flying squad officer based in Mombasa who had insulted the governor during the alteration was ‘dealt with’ by their boys.

Two years ago Idris had been accused of sodomizing a 14 year old boy in Mombasa but the case was terminated under unclear circumstances


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