Enyewe sisi Wajaluo tulikosea wapi jameni? Joho has spent the last four years in power as Governor fighting Luos. He sacked all top Luo leaders last year. Under his administration, there is NO SINGLE Luo in top leadership- in spite of Luos forming 35% of his total voter numbers.
Now, he has been caught- having forged academic papers. He has been caught evading taxes. He has been caught with all manner of illegal stuff.
He knows that he cannot afford to cause chaos in Mombasa- it will cost him votes and hurt tourism.
So, what does he do? He has decided to come to Luos in Kibera, and go to Luos in Kisumu.From Tomorrow he will start mass incitement rallies in Kibera- before going to Kisumu.
He will start inciting violence in Kibera and Kisumu. From Kesho, heads of Luos will be cracked and clobbered mercilessly by GSU rungus. Businesses in Kibera, Ngong Road and Kisumu will be interrupted – Why? Defending an Academic Con and Forger , a Tax cheat, and suspected drug lord


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