REVEALED: HOW to identify Raila worshipers and online NASA militants.

1. HATE : They’re ruled by hate. They hate Kikuyus without reasons and often have the word Muthamaki in their sentences.
2. DEITY: Being in slavery, they regard Raila as their god, they worship Baba in greater reverence than God himself. They’re squarely immersed in and possessed by the cult of Odingaism.
3. TRUTH : They’re afraid of truth. They cannot swallow any bitter truth against their political inclination.
4. IGNORANCE: They’re poorly informed and often write or comment based on assumptions, imaginations and fallacies; while wrongly assume that they hold the moral barometer of right and wrong.
5. INSULTS: Cornered, they throw juvenile tantrums driven by intolerance, emotional instability and often prefer words such as idiot, fool, etc, while unable to give a rebuttal of issues raised. They brand those they don’t agree as recipients of Eurobond.
6. SYCOPHANCY! To them, holding any other contrary opinion is being sycophancy to Jubilee, but bootlicking Raila is patriotism.
7. MILITARISM: Sobriety to them is a vocabulary and would prefer violence to vent their anger and bitterness, even on small matters.
8. DEFEAT. Finally, they are still struggling to swallow the fact that Raila will be defeated in 8/8 /2017 election and like his father, his fate is already predetermined.
Pick them right here. I know a long list of them.


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